q2Fierce fitness is the best fitness empire I have ever experienced. The staff are so friendly, motivational and welcoming. They make you feel like you belong instantly. They are accommodating to anything so long as you give 110%!! Tim is a phenomenal personal trainer who is motivational, believes in each of his clients and not only works to change them from the outside- but also from the inside! He's always got a positive attitude and makes every session fun and worth it. He is very knowledgeable and will always do what he can to help his clients! I highly recommend fierce fitness if you want to change your life completely! - Marcelle Jacquesq1


q2So far...my expectations have been greatly exceeded. Friendly approachable staff, awesome instructors that'll whoop your a$$ into shape and the members are cool too:) glad I switched gyms for sure!!!! - Donna Allenq1


q2More than a gym. A place to exercise your body and lift your spirits! Their enthusiasm is contagious! Where else can you get an hour or even more of "Me Time" for less than $1 a day!! They even have daycare for less than a cup of coffee - Beth Harteq1


q2Great place to get fit, have fun and get healthy! Each trainer has a dynamic personality and will go out of their way to help you achieve your goals! I lost 15lbs and more is melting off. Love this place! - Oana Adriana Thompsonq1


q2Just in case I dont say it enough...I love Fierce Fitness and the sore body that goes with it! I have had the most amazing results since starting TRX at Fierce...I love working out there, the atmosphere is the best and the Executioner is amazing! - Crystal Chapmanq1


q2Awesome people who are devoted to making people healthy!! The support from them is amazing and they are friendly and always helpful!! - Sandra Quanceq1


q2Fierce Fitness is like one big happy family! Everyone trying to reach the same goals. Full of Team Work. Helping people build healthy lives! - Wendy Hymaq1


q2What do I like about fierce fitness? How about what do I LOVE about it? It's everything and more I could ever want from a gym. Its physical, nutritional and emotional support to help you get to your fitness and health goals, there's something for everyone of all ages, you can go at your own pace or get as crazy as the instructors, there's no judgement just acceptance and fierceness. - Kaila Bakerq1


q2In the last year I gained 30 pounds. I was always so tiny but stress and change got the best of me. No matter what I did I couldn't seem to shake the pounds. Then I joined fierce fitness. In the last 2 months I've shaved off 18 pounds while having the best time I've ever had getting fit. I feel amazing and more motivated to be strong, beautiful and healthy then I've been. Thanks ladies at fierce fitness for being inspiring, positive & fun! - Tabithaq1


q2This is the first and only gym that I have stayed commited too for more than 3 months! It is true, the staff are wonderful, the variety of classes and times are great and the results are soooo rewarding. The staff at Fierce care about their members, their community and the getting people healthy. You always feel welcome there and enjoy working your butt off. Fierce Fitness rocks!- Becky Milletq1